Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction to Advanced Beginner Guitar

  2. 2
    • Adv Beg Chord Chart

    • Adv Begin Gtr - More Chords - I-V7 combos

    • Down In The Valley

    • Adv Begin - Putting 3 chords together-D,G,A7

    • Adv Begin - Worried Man Blues

    • Worried Man Blues

    • Adv Begin - G,C,D7

    • Adv Begin - This Land

    • This Land Is Your Land

  3. 3
    • Adv Begin - When The Saints

    • Adv Begin - Saints play along

    • Saints Gtr tab

    • Adv Begin - Amazing Grace melody

    • Adv Begin - Amazing Grace play along

    • Amazing Grace

    • Adv Begin - Pig's Foot melody

    • Adv Begin - Pig's Foot play along

    • Shove That Pig's Foot Gtr tab

  4. 4
    • Adv Begin - Strumming in 3

    • Adv Begin - Strumming 2

    • Adv Begin - Strumming 1

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Guitar & Mandolin Instructor

John Holenko

John Holenko received degrees in Classical Guitar performance from the New England Conservatory, and the University of Southern California. John Holenko has performed on classical guitar, steel-string guitar, mandolin, and historic instruments throughout the United States and in Europe with the early music group Sonus, The Hungry Monks, an eclectic, acoustic ensemble that plays a wide variety of traditional and original music, and with Porto Seguro, an ensemble playing Brazilian chorus and bossa nova. John has performed with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, and the Spoleto Orchestra. Mr. Holenko is very active in music education through his teaching studio Hungry Monk Music, American Music Systems, residencies through the South Carolina Arts Commission, Charlotte Children’s Theatre in Charlotte, NC, and at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center in Ohio, where he has also been Artist-in Residence. John has made a number of recordings including a solo guitar recording, three Hungry Monks recordings, and guest appearances on several other artists recordings. Mr. Holenko has published several editions with Mel Bay Publications.